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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a benefit to a lifetime warranty?

Contractors who have a long history of providing a lifetime structural warranty have a track record of building a structurally sound swimming pool. If they didn’t, one of two things would take place - either the contractor would have to stop providing the warranty or the contractor would eventually go out of business, being unable to honor the warranties provided.

Some contractors have only recently started providing lifetime structural warranties, but without the history or experience to back them up. That’s where Pool Builders Inc are different - we have the experience and years of industry know-how to offer lifetime warranties that we can back up.

What is the difference between ‘50 years in business’ and ‘50 years of experience’?

If a company has ‘50 years in business’, it has a proven track record of providing clientele with a quality product. The company also has a history of surviving changes in the economy, ensuring that it will be there in the future should any problems arise.

‘50 years of experience’ could mean a host of other less meaningful things. It could mean there are 4 employees working there that have a combined total of 50 years in the business.

Do I need automation for my pool?

The constant evolution of new technology has meant that automation has become almost a necessity for pools. For example, LED lighting introduces a myriad of colors and spectacles, and while the lighting can be operated without built-in automation, the process of choosing different lighting options is cumbersome without it.

Multiple speed pumps, now a requirement in the state of Florida, are also a good reason to benefit from automation, especially when water features are part of the equation. AquaLink controllers can also adjust the temperature on heaters and heat pumps, enable monitoring on certain chlorine generators, and with optional valve actuators, can open and close water valves to turn on and off pool water features.

Whether you choose the iAquaLink that utilizes the app on devices such as laptops and smartphones, or on the PDA handheld device, automation is sure to provide you with the ultimate in function and convenience.

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