Swimming Pools Built Better

Pool Builders, Inc. combines cutting edge technology with our 50+ years of pool building experience to provide our clientele with a project that will give them a lifetime of happiness. We employ time-tested construction methods that have continued this tradition for over 50 years. Outlined below is a short list of construction phases detailing some of the additional steps that only Pool Builders, Inc. takes to insure continued satisfaction for years to come.

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A critical stage of construction, this is when the shape of your pool is physically determined and the elevation is set. The elevation will later determine the height of your pool in relation to existing patios or the finished floor of your home. Pool Builders, Inc. has a specific crew to form your pool’s location and establish the correct elevation. Once the pool has been excavated, the layout crew returns to the site to secure the formwork and verify that the elevation around the entire pool is uniform. By installing the forms prior to excavation you are assured that the area of excavation is limited as much as possible, eliminating excessive backfill requirements that can lead to collapsing decks. When PBI is contracted to install your decking we also take the added step at the layout stage of removing the sod from the area of the future patio, thereby eliminating the possibility that the sod will remain under portions of the new patio.


Every excavation is supervised by PBI personnel that sculpt the shell of the pool and the bowl area of the deep end. This further insures a tight excavation which will lead to fewer potential problems further down the line. A wire temporary fence is installed for safety to help prevent children and pets from entering the construction zone.

Steel Reinforcement

Steel reinforcement bars are installed by PBI personnel to exacting standards. Engineered to exceed the Florida Building code, a 10″ continuous bond beam is formed around the entire pool structure. This oversized bond beam was specifically designed to provide additional reinforcement around the surface perimeter of the pool. The surface skimmer is set back from the pool structure to allow for an oversized throat for superior skimming action. The skimmer is then wrapped with two bars of #3 steel so that it will become an integral part of the pool beam when the gunite is applied.