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Swimming Pool Sunledge

What’s a sunledge in a swimming pool? A sunledge, simply put, is an oversized first step into your swimming pool. It’s also frequently referred to as a tanning ledge or a wet deck area. A sunledge is usually about 6″ below the water and can vary greatly in size depending on its intended use(s). With a custom gunite pool you have the ability to create the sunledge in any shape you wish; round, square, and even freeform. Although most commonly placed in the shallow end of the swimming pool, sunledges can be added to any location. Other popular positions are the…

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How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Glass Tile

Glass tile has been one of the hottest trends in swimming pool design for the past several years. With so many different styles, shapes, colors, and textures available in the market today, you are sure to find one that can turn your backyard oasis into a stunning work of art. With such a large selection available, we often find that our clients have a lot of questions before making their decision. With that in mind we decided to write this article, titled ‘How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Glass Tile’, to help make your selection process easier. There are several…

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What Is Swimming Pool Automation & Why Do I Need It?

Our clients sometimes think swimming pool automation sounds technical and complicated, but this perception couldn’t be further from the truth. Automation is actually just a fancy term for controls. It’s essentially the advancement in technology of the old swimming pool timer and/or air buttons used to operate your pool. Controls For Your Swimming Pool Automation gives you push button control of every aspect of your swimming pool. This can come from a wired remote, wireless remote, or even a remote internet connection like a smart phone, iPad, tablet or PC. Automation replaces the standard mechanical time clock with a simple computer…

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What Is A Gunite Swimming Pool?

In simple terms, a gunite swimming pool is a concrete pool that has been built with pneumatically placed concrete (applied under pressure). When we say gunite, we’re referring to a combination of cement, aggregate, and water. In this article we’ll provide more detail about gunite and why it’s the popular choice among swimming pool contractors. About Gunite Gunite has been used in the construction industry since the early 1900’s, having been utilized in the construction of tunnels, bridges and the like. The high pressure application results in a concrete product that’s not only superior in strength to poured in place concrete…

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Top 10 Trends in Swimming Pools – 2014 Edition

Pool Builders Inc. is a member of the exclusive Master Pools Guild, below is quoted text from their website that talks about design trends in swimming pools for 2014. You can also Click Here to download their free eBook with a complete list of the 10 trends. Quoted from Masters Pool Guild: “After the enormous response we received from our 2013 Trends eBook, we decided to make this an annual production. So again, we polled the members of the Master Pools Guild for their insights into what today’s consumer is seeking when working with a designer to create the world’s most…

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Top 10 Trends in Swimming Pools – 2013 Edition

Pool Builders Inc. is a member of the exclusive Master Pools Guild, below is quoted text from their website that talks about trends in swimming pool design for 2013. You can also Click Here to download their free eBook with a complete list of the 10 trends. Quoted from Masters Pool Guild: “As designers of some of the world’s most beautiful poolscapes, the members of the Master Pools Guild have compiled this list of the top ten trends in swimming pool and spa design for 2013. The List Begins With: Trend # 1 Fire Features Are Hot! Trend # 2 Classic…

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How to protect your pool from a Hurricane in South Florida?

Storm season starts on June 1, 2013 in South Florida. You should prepare your home well in advance of the start of the season and your pool area is no exception. Here are a few tips to get you started: Be sure to revisit your home owner’s insurance policy. Take a look at the trees that you take for granted and follow the guidelines listed below from FEMA.  Remember: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.  And most importantly, things can always be replaced; keeping your family, pets and yourself safe is your first priority. Protecting Your Shelter From The Storm:…

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10 Great Reasons To Have A Pool

1. Encourage Family Time When you build a pool, you’re actually creating a fun and relaxing space for your children and family to spend time together without ever leaving the backyard! You’ll make lasting memories as you teach your kids to swim, play with them in the pool, and bar-b-que by the water. 2. Create an Outdoor Resort at Home A well-designed swimming pool isn’t just a bunch of water. It can turn your backyard into an elegant outdoor oasis. With waterfalls, vanishing edges and other unique amenities, a pool can serve as a relaxing and inviting centerpiece right in your…

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10 Myths Of Pool Ownership

Here are the top ten myths – and some helpful tips – about owning and maintaining a swimming pool. 1. “I can’t afford a pool.” Owning a pool is probably a lot easier than you think. There are many reasonably-priced options for putting a pool in your backyard. The type of pool, materials, accessories, and landscaping you choose will influence the cost of the project. You should also remember that your pool will help reduce other expenses, such as the cost of vacations away from home, membership dues to community pools and other recreational activities. 2. “My yard will be ruined…

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Why Pool Builders? | Swimming Pool Builders South Florida

We approach every project as if it were our own. We know that custom doesn’t have to mean “more-expensive,” it means your pool is the way you want it. Pool Builders Inc., Located in Cooper City, Florida – An expert in pool building renovation and custom pool building designs. Need a pool builder in South Florida contact us today!

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