PBI50 – 50 Years of Design and Construction Excellence

Pool Builders, Inc.

50 Years of Design and Construction Excellence

One fifth of the nation’s FIVE MILLION pools are in the state of Florida. And ever since its founding in 1966, Pool Builders Inc. has designed and built some of the very best of them.

When they opened Pool Builders Inc. in the mid 1960s, company founders Ted Libernini and Bill Green committed their company to be the industry leader serving the unique residential pool culture of South Florida.

From the outset the company’s motto has been ‘Built to Last’. And for FIFTY dynamic years, Pool Builders Inc. has delivered. Over the past five decades it has become evident that it not only pertained to the pools we have built but to the company itself.

PBI was the very first to bring technical innovations to the South Florida residential pool market such as a standardized 10” structural bond beam. Introduced in the 1960s, this along with other visionary construction techniques
enabled PBI to be the first in the region to offer a lifetime structural warranty with each of its custom swimming pools, thus extending the customers’ relaxation from using their pool to peace of mind even when they are not.

And as far back as the 1960s, Pool Builders, Inc. was also the industry leader in South Florida, bringing the ease and performance of diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration to the residential market. PBI has since gone on to forge a shining legacy of other technical innovation. The company was the first in South Florida to introduce bullnose brick coping in the 1980s, standardized fiber optic in-pool lighting in the 1990s, high efficiency/high visibility LED lighting in 2000s and their revolutionary Eco-CRC water circulation system in the 20-teens. Now, PBI remains the industry leader, providing state-of-the-art pool automation, freeing the homeowner from the tedious chore of “babysitting” the beauty and value of their recreational aquatic investment. As PBI scans the frontier of its next half-century providing best-in-field products and service, it is poised to continue offering cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology of uncompromising quality and unparalleled value.

Since its inception, PBI has catered to a wide spectrum of clientele in South Florida – providing them with outstanding designs and custom features within their budget, without compromising quality. Whether it’s a simple rectangle or an elaborate structure with multiple levels and water features, PBI has always brought superior construction methods and quality equipment to each and every project. Over the decades styles change, technology advances and to stay at the top, pool design needs to reflect those differences. It has historically been Pool Builders’ mission to be at the forefront of implementing and reflecting these changes in our design and incorporating sensible technological advances that provide exceptional value to our clientele.

Today, no PBI customer experience is complete without a visit to the company’s exclusive Southwest Broward design center, featuring a full size, custom, indoor pool where clients can “kick the tires” on a range of exciting options before committing to a final design. They can even experience a concept in 3D on one of our wide screen televisions to see what their design looks like in THEIR backyard.

One of the secrets behind PBI’s leadership in South Florida is its longstanding collaboration with national and international industry organizations. PBI boasts deep roots in its direct relationships with companies like Zodiac/Jandy (40 years), SGM (30 years) and exclusive, international custom pool builder networks like Master Pools Guild global network(20 years).

PBI’s tradition of outstanding management has matched the quality and performance of its products throughout its legendary history. Tom Nicholson joined the PBI team way back in 1970 and rose through the ranks to take the helm as president from 1984 through 1998. Tom maintained PBI’s benchmark as the go-to provider of quality residential pools and services; and focused the business on its current specialty: custom, luxury pools at an unsurpassed value. Kevin Ford began his career with PBI in 1984 and currently serves as company president and qualifier, sustaining the peerless high standards of quality and craftsmanship that goes into every product and service PBI offers.

Only one custom residential pool company can lay claim to building more than 19,000 pools in South Florida, with a proven record of satisfied customers spanning half a century. Only one South Florida pool builder is honored to have so many repeat and second-generation customers who have come to expect and rely on the highest standard in the custom residential pool industry.

After 50 years of excellence, our goals remain the same – provide our clientele with outstanding design, exceptional equipment, and quality workmanship, thereby affording them the most value for their investment.

This explains why PBI pools have remained the crown jewel of so many South Florida properties, even after decades of owner enjoyment.

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