What Is Swimming Pool Automation & Why Do I Need It?

Swimming Pool Automation
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What Is Swimming Pool Automation & Why Do I Need It?

Our clients sometimes think swimming pool automation sounds technical and complicated, but this perception couldn’t be further from the truth. Automation is actually just a fancy term for controls. It’s essentially the advancement in technology of the old swimming pool timer and/or air buttons used to operate your pool.

Controls For Your Swimming Pool

Automation gives you push button control of every aspect of your swimming pool. This can come from a wired remote, wireless remote, or even a remote internet connection like a smart phone, iPad, tablet or PC. Automation replaces the standard mechanical time clock with a simple computer capable of turning your swimming pool on and off.

Beyond The Basics

Automation can also do much more than just turn your swimming pool on and off. If you choose to, you can put “timers” on and control every function of your outdoor living space, including:

  • Lights
  • Pool heater
  • Salt chlorinator
  • Water features
  • Landscape lighting
  • Sprinklers
  • And more!

You can set your pool lighting to come on every night at dusk and then go off later that night. With the low cost of LED lighting, and the longevity of today’s LED bulbs, why not have your dream backyard pool lit up every night? It’s safer for your family and allows nightly enjoyment of your outdoor environment.

Automation For Water Features or Pool & Spa Combo

Pool and spa combos, as well as swimming pools with water features, can also benefit tremendously from automation. Have you ever had to make that nighttime walk into your backyard to change your valves to be in “spa mode”? Well, automation would prevent this by allowing you to automatically turn the valves in your pools plumbing to “spa mode”.

Water features increase evaporation rates and are notorious for causing increased chemical demand, as well as unwanted noise. Many swimming pool owners end up turning off accessory features for months at a time, only turning them on to enjoy special occasions like holidays and parties. This practice is not recommended with your water features. Not only are you not enjoying your water features year round but you’re also allowing water to sit in the underground pipes and cause a green sludge buildup. Even if you’re choosing not to enjoy your water feature, automation allows you to run them for just 5 minutes a day to make sure they’re maintained properly to avoid sludge buildup.

Automation For Salt Chlorinator & Heater

Automation can even control your swimming pool heater and salt chlorination system! This will help ensure that you’re saving money on your heating costs and keeping your pool in optimal balance for your family to enjoy.

In this day and age there’s really no reason NOT to have automation. When was the last time you got into your car by sticking a key in the door to unlock it? The answer is probably a very long time. Well, swimming pool automation is the same advancement for your pool. Yes, it’s a convenience feature, but it’s the best kind, the kind that truly makes pool ownership easier and eco friendly. If you have any questions or comments about swimming pool automation, please feel free to leave them below!