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Our Process

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Our Process


Functional design is an essential element in ensuring a lifetime of happiness for you and your family. PBI design representatives are experienced in providing you with a design uniquely crafted to fit your family’s needs. From simple to sensational your new poolscape will enhance your family’s south Florida lifestyle for years to come.

Once we have your vision of the inground swimming pool design, you’ll want to see your new outdoor living space take shape as soon as possible – that is our goal as well! But as with any investment as important as your new pool, you’ll want us to take the necessary steps to insure quality craftsmanship. Here are the phases that will bring your new poolscape to life.

Designed Better

For over 58 years Pool Builders Inc. has been considered amongst the best pool designers in South Florida. We have an experienced team of designers ready to listen to your needs and wants so they can develop a better designed swimming pool for your backyard!

For some design ideas look at our gallery. Whether you’re looking for a Traditional, Lap, Freeform or any other type of custom design, we are ready to help! Fill out the contact form and one of our representatives will contact you back shortly.

Built Better

Engineered plans

Once the contract has been completed and the pool design is approved, the information is sent to a Professional Engineer. The Engineer will provide detailed drawings showing the precise location of your pool project. A copy of these plans will be sent to you for review once they have been received.

HOA Approval

If you live in a community that is governed by a Homeowner’s Association, you will need to apply for the necessary approvals. We will send you an additional set of engineered plans to submit to your HOA. Each homeowners association is unique and has different requirements. Please contact our permitting department should you need assistance with any additional documentation.

Underground Utility Location

Florida law requires that underground utilities be located and marked prior to excavation. We will contact the agency required to have this done. If any utilities servicing your home are in the area where we will be working it is the homeowner’s responsibility to have the cable relocated.


Once all the required documentation is received, the engineered plans are submitted the building department for plan review and permit issuance. Each municipality has different requirements and can vary significantly on the time required for processing. No work can commence until the permit has been issued.


A critical stage of construction, this is when the shape of your pool is physically determined and the elevation is set in accordance with your predetermined specifications. The elevation will later determine the height of your pool in relation to existing patios or the finished floor of your home. Pool Builders, Inc. has a specific crew to form your pool’s location and establish the correct elevation. Once the pool has been excavated, the layout crew returns to the site to secure the formwork and verify that the elevation around the entire pool is uniform. By installing the forms prior to excavation you are assured that the area of excavation is limited as much as possible, eliminating excessive backfill requirements that can lead to collapsing decks. The perimeter wood forms also ensure all steel will be encased in gunite. When PBI is contracted to install your decking we also take the added step at the layout stage of removing the sod from the area of the future patio, thereby eliminating the possibility that the sod will remain under portions of the new patio.


Every excavation is supervised by PBI personnel who sculpt the shell of the pool and the bowl area of the deep end. This further insures a tight excavation which will lead to fewer potential problems further down the line. A wire temporary fence is installed for safety to help prevent children and pets from entering the construction zone.

Steel reinforcement

Steel bars are installed by PBI personnel to exacting standards. Engineered to exceed the Florida Building code, a 10″ continuous bond beam is formed around the entire pool structure. This oversized bond beam, a hallmark of PBI pools for 5 decades, was specifically designed to provide additional reinforcement around the surface perimeter of the pool to maximize structural integrity. The surface skimmer is set back from the pool structure to allow for an oversized throat for superior skimming action. The skimmer is then wrapped with two bars of #3 steel so that it will become an integral part of the pool beam when the gunite is applied.


Pneumatically placed concrete (applied under pressure), is packed solidly around the steel reinforcement. The high-strength gunite becomes the foundation for further pool construction. It is uniquely applied through a power spray of compressed air driven through an adjustable nozzle. Highly qualified operators precisely set and constantly monitor the density of the mix. The high pressure application results in a concrete product that’s not only superior in strength to poured-in-place concrete but also is watertight.

Grading and compacting

Once the gunite has had a chance to cure, the wood forms are removed and cleaned and compatible fill is placed in the voids surrounding the pool. Water compaction is used to eliminate voids around the pool. A jumping jack compactor is also used to further compact the area.

Tile and Coping

PBI craftsmen meticulously install the coping around the perimeter of your pool. A six inch band of tile of your choice is installed around the interior water line of the pool.

Pool Plumbing

A PBI plumbing system, the very heart of your pool, is specifically designed to operate efficiently and trouble-free – a guarantee we’re confident of. The revolutionary Eco-CRC in-wall circulation system utilizes patented technology to provide continuous optimum circulation throughout your pool while requiring reduced energy.

Patio installation

Prior to installing the deck, additional compacting is employed utilizing a vibratory plate compactor. Craftsmen then meticulously install the deck material of your choice, in the pattern that you have selected. When complete you’ll begin to see the true color of your dream materialize. The ultimate South Florida lifestyle is just around the corner.

Equipment Installation

Now that we are entering the final stages of your pool’s construction process, the pool equipment you’ve selected will be delivered and installed. The pump, filter and heater (where applicable), are all installed on concrete equipment pads designed to withstand hurricane force winds up to 175 mph. A licensed electrician is contracted by PBI to complete all the necessary electrical hook-ups of your pool equipment.

Final Clean-up

At this time the final grading is completed around your new patio and the access area will be restored to its original grade. Any remaining debris will also be removed.
Pool enclosure installation – Now that all the heavy equipment is done in your yard, the pool enclosure can be installed. Generally most building departments will require an inspection of the completed enclosure prior to filling your pool with water. Please note that a fence must meet certain specifications in order to be approved as a pool enclosure. Please contact your local municipality for details since the some of the requirements can vary and are subject to change.

Safety Barrier Inspection

Since 2000, the State of Florida has mandated that all swimming pools be equipped by a child safety barrier. Whichever barrier you have selected will need to be installed and inspected by your local municipality prior to the pool being completed and filled with water. If door and window alarms have been selected, some one will need to be home the day of the inspection to permit the inspector access to the house.

Interior Finish

The day is finally here. Whether you have selected DiamondBrite, RiverRok or another beautiful finish, the interior finish is the final mark of a perfect PBI pool.When the crew has finished they will start the water filling in your pool. Once this process has started, never turn the water off until the water level reaches the center of your pool’s waterline tile. This is to prevent a ring from forming, similar to a bathtub ring, which may prove difficult to remove. Typically most pools will take between 24 to 36 hours to fill depending on the size of the pool and the home’s water pressure. Please prevent any landscaping or other activities from taking place during this time to avoid staining of the interior finish.


Once your pool is full, a PBI service technician will energize your pool equipment, the finishing touches are done and the chemical balancing process is completed. Once the technician has completed the process over a series of days, an appointment will be scheduled to provide thorough instructions on the care and maintenance of your new PBI pool.

A PBI plumbing system, the very heart of your pool, is specifically designed to operate efficiently and trouble-free – a guarantee we’re confident of. The revolutionary Eco-CRC in-wall circulation system utilizes patented technology to provide continuous optimum circulation throughout your pool while requiring reduced energy.

Backed Better

Our guarantee to you is firmly based on specific standards to insure your satisfaction. Each of our custom residential swimming pools are backed with a lifetime structural warranty. Ultimately, our construction methods, equipment and services result in the quality of your pool, based on over 58 years of local experience. We take pride in the fact that we are an industry leader as the originator of the lifetime structural warranty in South Florida.

PBI Benefits

  • We have been backing our pools with a lifetime structural warranty for more than forty three years
  • We only use 100% gunite to build our pools, no vinyl, fiberglass or shotcrete
  • We use construction methods which exceed those established by the South Florida

Feel secure with the Lifetime Structural Warranty provided by Pool Builders, Inc. on your newly constructed swimming pool. Pool Builders is the originator of the lifetime warranty is South Florida, providing our clients with that piece of mind for over 58 years, an unparalleled achievement in South Florida. In addition, as a premium level equipment provider of Jandy products, you will enjoy three full years of product support including labor and materials.

Luxury At Its Finest watch our award winning pools

Pool Builders Inc. did a great job installing my new pool and patio under difficult site circumstances with a draconian city building code. John Delre was an attentive sales representative and always returned my calls when I had any questions or issues to resolve. DJ and his crew did a great job with the construction of the pool and patio. I highly recommend them!
Evan Leach
Evan Leach
17:39 25 Jan 24
We wanted to share our amazing experience with Robert and his team in building our beautiful pool. It is our paradise and we are so happy with the outcome. From the day we called for a quote until the pool finished they have been nothing but exceptional. Robert is amazing to work with! Very responsive and easy to collaborate with. We absolutely love the outcome of our pool and would recommend 100% to everyone looking to build a pool in their homes. Thank you Pool Builders Inc!
Like Mike
Like Mike
22:55 02 Nov 23
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 StarsI cannot speak highly enough about Pool Builders! From the moment we decided to turn our backyard dreams into reality, they've been exceptional every step of the way.Our experience with Pool Builders has been nothing short of excellent. Here are some key reasons why we are thrilled with their services:1. **Expertise:** The team at Pool Builders demonstrated an impressive level of expertise from the very beginning. They guided us through the entire process, helping us design a pool that perfectly suits our space and lifestyle.2. **Quality Workmanship:** The construction phase was executed flawlessly. Their attention to detail and commitment to using top-notch materials showed in the final result—a stunning, durable pool that we know we'll enjoy for years to come.3. **Timely Completion:** Pool Builders exceeded our expectations by finishing the project on time. This was crucial for us, and they delivered without compromising on quality.4. **Communication:** Throughout the project, they maintained clear and open lines of communication. Any questions or concerns we had were promptly addressed, which gave us peace of mind throughout the process.5. **Professionalism:** The entire team was courteous, respectful, and professional. It was clear that they take immense pride in their work.6. **Post-Installation Support:** Even after the project was completed, Pool Builders didn't leave us hanging. Their ongoing support and guidance regarding pool maintenance and care have been invaluable.Our backyard has been transformed into a paradise thanks to Pool Builders, and we couldn't be happier with the results. If you're in the market for a pool, I wholeheartedly recommend Pool Builders. They deliver on their promises, provide top-tier service, and create beautiful pools that become the centerpiece of your home.Thank you, Pool Builders, for making our dream pool a reality!
Nabir Babbar
Nabir Babbar
02:03 05 Oct 23
I am very happy with my new swimming pool. This is my second swimming pool that Pool Builders has made for me and they both turned out beautiful. I chose the company for this pool based on my experience 27 years ago, but I still took a couple estimates before deciding to do a second pool with them. For comparison, my pool walls are a little thicker than other companies wanted to give me and I received an extra return. The equipment was important to me and it is better from what the other two companies were offering. For time.... permitting and design took about 4 months and pool was completed 3 1/2 months later. The process takes time as there were 21 inspections that had to be completed, so patience it needed when buidling a pool. My advice would be to say engaged in the process and have some fun with it.
James Ridout
James Ridout
21:37 17 Jul 23
Working with pool builders has been a great experience. My pool looks great and the staff was very responsive with all my concerns. I'd like to give special thanks to Daylin for holding my hand through the process and her quick reply's . Also thanks to john and DJ. I highly recommend pool builders because of these people .
Scott Smith
Scott Smith
14:52 21 Jun 23
Great experience! From beginning to end everyone was very professional. Results are just like the design. I liked that they set the right expectations regarding the time to completion. Daylin is the best she was always available to answer any questions and explain In detail every next step.
Nelson Feliz
Nelson Feliz
14:00 25 May 23
We could not be happier about our beautiful pool. It is the centerpiece of our outside space. Once construction started, it seemed to go pretty quickly. But more important is the quality and look. We have been swimming every day.
Keri Troehler
Keri Troehler
12:03 09 May 23
John (sales lead), Bob (general manager) and Daylin (project coordinator) were excellent to work with. Their professionalism and collaboration were apparent from pool design through final inspections. Really a pleasure to work with, and will recommend them to anyone building a pool in SoFL.
Jason Kirshner
Jason Kirshner
13:46 23 Apr 23
Excellent experience! Every step of the way was communicated clearly so we knew what to expect. From the showroom demo with John DelRe to dealing with the office itself and sub-contractors, this is a professional team! I would recommend this to friends and family...and will as soon as I can!
Carlie Sena
Carlie Sena
20:47 08 Nov 18
As we are in the process of buying a new home, we visited the showroom of Pool Builders on Orange Drive. Their showroom is amazing as they have a complete and operational pool in the showroom. Even more incredible was the amount of time that their representative, John, spent explaining all of the different features and options. John was very knowledgeable on all aspects concerning an outside pool and willing to share his expertise. Thanks so much and great customer service!
john wright
john wright
12:41 03 Nov 18
Amazing help and a beautiful pool! My friend had two pools built over 20 years ago in both of their homes and the quality is outstanding! I wouldn't go with anyone else! Everyone I worked with was wonderful-especially John DelRe and Lori.They were always available - answering all my questions in a quick and professional manner. Everyone makes you feel like family! ♡♡♡
Virginia Maskell
Virginia Maskell
00:14 18 Sep 18
We are extremely happy with our pool from Pool Builders. Our sales person, Luis Motta, was fantastic and designed something we love. The whole process was smooth from start to finish and they kept us updated at every stage of the build. We recommend them to everyone we know looking to build a pool. A+ service and quality!
Megan Visagie
Megan Visagie
17:22 17 Sep 18


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