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How to protect your pool from a Hurricane in South Florida?

How to protect your pool from a Hurricane in South Florida?

Storm season starts on June 1, 2013 in South Florida. You should prepare your home well in advance of the start of the season and your pool area is no exception.

Here are a few tips to get you started: Be sure to revisit your home owner’s insurance policy. Take a look at the trees that you take for granted and follow the guidelines listed below from FEMA.  Remember: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.  And most importantly, things can always be replaced; keeping your family, pets and yourself safe is your first priority.

Protecting Your Shelter From The Storm:

Secure Your Pool, Spa & Yard: A Checklist of Safety Precautions for Your Pool or Spa

If a storm is approaching, the last thing you want to worry about is what to do about your swimming pool or spa. Post this checklist on your refrigerator so you’ll know what to do to secure your pool or spa in the anxious hours before a storm hits or prior to evacuation.

Do Not Drain Your Swimming Pool

Many pool owners believe that draining their swimming pools or spas before a storm hits will keep it from overflowing and flooding their property. Wrong. Properly built or installed pools should be equipped with overflows that will drain excess water. If you want to slightly empty the water level, lower it no more than 1-2 feet. Otherwise, the hydrostatic pressure can be too strong, possibly causing the pool to “float” or “pop” out of the ground, according to the Official Broward County Hurricane Preparedness Guide. The water in your pool serves as a kind of shield, protecting your pool’s finish from the effects of flying debris.

Turn Off Power To The Pool Equipment

  • Unless safety precautions are taken, the most significant storm damage to your pool can occur with the pump and it’s motor.
  • Turn off the circuit breaker to the pool equipment (pump, motor, lighting, chlorinators, etc.).
  • Remove the motor and relocate it to a high-and-dry place inside, away from water and flooding.
  • Another solution for saving the pump’s motor: tightly wrap it with plastic and strapping tape or rope.

Don’t Forget Other Pool Parts

If you have time, remove all loose items from the pool area, including filter house tops, deck lid of filter, etc.

Outdoor Furnishings & Plants Need To Come Inside

Besides saving your patio furnishings, outdoor toys, potted plants, pool cleaning equipment and gardening equipment, you’ll want to bring these items inside to prevent them from damaging your house or other parts of your property if they get battered about by strong winds and heavy rain. For heavier outdoor objects that can’t easily be brought inside, anchor them to something solid with rope, bungee cord, chains, etc.

Prune Branches Of Trees And Shrubs

Ideally, you should prune dying and weak branches of trees and shrubs throughout the year as part of your regular yard maintenance. If you have a gardener, make sure this is part of his / her maintenance routine.

After The Storm: CPR For Your Pool

Once you’ve received clearance to return home and have taken care of other more critical and emotional assessments of damage, you can address the pool or spa. You’ll want to:

  • Clean out debris from swimming pool to keep it from staining permanently.
  • Balance water pH, super chlorinate or shock your pool, and run the filter until the water becomes clear.
  • Don’t allow anyone to use your pool right before or after super chlorination.
  • It may be tempting if your pool is a disastrous mess, but, again, don’t drain it.

Check The Electrical System

Inspect your pool pump and motor for any damage. Let the motor dry for at least 24 hours. If you couldn’t remove your equipment before the storm and it was underwater, get it checked out. When electricity has returned, call a licensed, insured pool repair company to thoroughly inspect your pool and equipment.

Save The Trees & Landscaping

If addressed soon, your uprooted trees can be revived. Here’s how:

  • Stake leaning trees and shrubs upright with cushioned wires or ropes.
  • Cover exposed roots with damp sheets or cloth; never use plastic.
  • Lightly trim and prune branches. If more than one-third of the plant is damaged, you may want to consider replacing it, or take cuttings if you know how.

Again, remember that your family and your pets are your first priority. If you are unsure of any possible damage that your pool may have sustained during or following a storm, it is always best to check with a pool professional.


As we are in the process of buying a new home, we visited the showroom of Pool Builders on Orange Drive. Their showroom is amazing as they have a complete and operational pool in the showroom. Even more incredible was the amount of time that their representative, John, spent explaining all of the different features and options. John was very knowledgeable on all aspects concerning an outside pool and willing to share his expertise. Thanks so much and great customer service!
john wright
john wright
12:41 03 Nov 18
Amazing help and a beautiful pool! My friend had two pools built over 20 years ago in both of their homes and the quality is outstanding! I wouldn't go with anyone else! Everyone I worked with was wonderful-especially John DelRe and Lori.They were always available - answering all my questions in a quick and professional manner. Everyone makes you feel like family! ♡♡♡
Virginia Maskell
Virginia Maskell
00:14 18 Sep 18
Excellent experience! Every step of the way was communicated clearly so we knew what to expect. From the showroom demo with John DelRe to dealing with the office itself and sub-contractors, this is a professional team! I would recommend this to friends and family...and will as soon as I can!
Carlie Sena
Carlie Sena
20:47 08 Nov 18
We are extremely happy with our pool from Pool Builders. Our sales person, Luis Motta, was fantastic and designed something we love. The whole process was smooth from start to finish and they kept us updated at every stage of the build. We recommend them to everyone we know looking to build a pool. A+ service and quality!
Megan Visagie
Megan Visagie
17:22 17 Sep 18


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