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A guide to the different types of swimming pools

A guide to the different types of swimming pools

Whether you want to feel like you’re plunging into tropical waters or you’d rather enjoy the sleek, modern lines of an infinity pool, there is a swimming pool style to suit everyone. This guide will take you through the different types of pools so that you can make a choice that’s right for you and your lifestyle.


Inground Pools

The most sought-after style, inground pools are as their names suggests – permanent pools that are built into the ground. Because of their ability to be customized and accessorized, they can encompass many of the other styles on this list, including freeform, lap, and geometric.
Inground pools are built to be an integral part of your outdoor space, and are custom-designed to revolve around your lifestyle – whether that’s one of dining and entertaining, family fun, or achieving exercise goals.

inground pool south Florida

Freeform Pools

Be inspired by nature with free-flowing lines and creative shapes that defy tradition. A freeform pool is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to fit into the mold, and who wants to make some magic and transform their space into something unique. Appearing to morph and change to suit their environment, freeform pools can fit wonderfully into almost any outdoor space.

This style is particularly well-suited for homeowners who favor the more tropical lagoon-like aesthetic, as the undulating lines can mimic the appearance of natural water sources, particularly when partnered with exotic foliage.

freeform pool with steps

Infinity Pools

Nothing conveys luxury better than an infinity pool. Also known as vanishing edge pools, these pieces are truly works of art. Designed to give an edgeless illusion, one side of the pool simply seems to disappear and merge with the view, creating a seamless and contemporary look that has soared in popularity over the years. The way it actually works is by feeding water into a hidden basin which is then pumped back into the pool. Infinity pools are ideal for those looking to impress and for those who have a more elevated pool or one that boasts impressive views, which can really make the most of this dramatic effect.

Infinity pool looking over harbor

Lap Pools

If your main aim is exercise, then a lap pool is perfect for you. These pools are usually long, narrow, and rectangular, built specifically so you can power through the water and get those laps in. This is the perfect way to bring health and fitness to your doorstep without leaving home.
Their streamlined shape means that lap pools can fit into slightly smaller spaces where a larger pool may have struggled. Alternatively, lap pools can also be flawlessly incorporated as an addition to another, bigger pool to complement this fun and leisurely area with an exercise-focused lap pool.

led lap pool

Geometric Pools

Play with geometric structures and contemporary lines with customized geometric pools. Characterized by its clean lines and stylish modern appearance, this pool type is ideal for those who gravitate to an artistic yet contemporary feel for their outdoor space.
You’re free to experiment with form and shape, providing that sought-after synergy between personal expression and tasteful outlines, usually through using ovals and rectangles. All this creativity comes together to make a pool that’s both angular and artistic.

geometric pool with spa south Florida

Traditional Pools

Traditional pools will always stand the test of time – and for good reason. With classic, elegant lines and simple shapes, a traditional pool makes a stunning statement that will never go out of date.

Thanks to the exquisite and tailored design, you can bring a touch of something special to even the most conventional of pools. Custom additions can enhance a straightforward design along with beautiful landscaping, to give you a one-of-a-kind pool that still stays true to tradition.

traditional pool south Florida


Live your way with custom pool designs from Pool Builders Inc, a member of the elite Master Pools Guild. We’ve built award-winning pools across Southeast Florida for over 50 years, transforming backyards into tranquil paradises. You aspire and we’ll inspire with a range of styles, materials, and tailored designs. Simply get in touch and let’s discuss your ideas.


I am very happy with my new swimming pool. This is my second swimming pool that Pool Builders has made for me and they both turned out beautiful. I chose the company for this pool based on my experience 27 years ago, but I still took a couple estimates before deciding to do a second pool with them. For comparison, my pool walls are a little thicker than other companies wanted to give me and I received an extra return. The equipment was important to me and it is better from what the other two companies were offering. For time.... permitting and design took about 4 months and pool was completed 3 1/2 months later. The process takes time as there were 21 inspections that had to be completed, so patience it needed when buidling a pool. My advice would be to say engaged in the process and have some fun with it.
James Ridout
James Ridout
21:37 17 Jul 23
Working with pool builders has been a great experience. My pool looks great and the staff was very responsive with all my concerns. I'd like to give special thanks to Daylin for holding my hand through the process and her quick reply's . Also thanks to john and DJ. I highly recommend pool builders because of these people .
Scott Smith
Scott Smith
14:52 21 Jun 23
Great experience! From beginning to end everyone was very professional. Results are just like the design. I liked that they set the right expectations regarding the time to completion. Daylin is the best she was always available to answer any questions and explain In detail every next step.
Nelson Feliz
Nelson Feliz
14:00 25 May 23
We could not be happier about our beautiful pool. It is the centerpiece of our outside space. Once construction started, it seemed to go pretty quickly. But more important is the quality and look. We have been swimming every day.
Keri Troehler
Keri Troehler
12:03 09 May 23
John (sales lead), Bob (general manager) and Daylin (project coordinator) were excellent to work with. Their professionalism and collaboration were apparent from pool design through final inspections. Really a pleasure to work with, and will recommend them to anyone building a pool in SoFL.
Jason Kirshner
Jason Kirshner
13:46 23 Apr 23
Excellent experience! Every step of the way was communicated clearly so we knew what to expect. From the showroom demo with John DelRe to dealing with the office itself and sub-contractors, this is a professional team! I would recommend this to friends and family...and will as soon as I can!
Carlie Sena
Carlie Sena
20:47 08 Nov 18
As we are in the process of buying a new home, we visited the showroom of Pool Builders on Orange Drive. Their showroom is amazing as they have a complete and operational pool in the showroom. Even more incredible was the amount of time that their representative, John, spent explaining all of the different features and options. John was very knowledgeable on all aspects concerning an outside pool and willing to share his expertise. Thanks so much and great customer service!
john wright
john wright
12:41 03 Nov 18
Amazing help and a beautiful pool! My friend had two pools built over 20 years ago in both of their homes and the quality is outstanding! I wouldn't go with anyone else! Everyone I worked with was wonderful-especially John DelRe and Lori.They were always available - answering all my questions in a quick and professional manner. Everyone makes you feel like family! ♡♡♡
Virginia Maskell
Virginia Maskell
00:14 18 Sep 18
We are extremely happy with our pool from Pool Builders. Our sales person, Luis Motta, was fantastic and designed something we love. The whole process was smooth from start to finish and they kept us updated at every stage of the build. We recommend them to everyone we know looking to build a pool. A+ service and quality!
Megan Visagie
Megan Visagie
17:22 17 Sep 18


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